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This super elegant set of white seashell/sea creature ornaments is perfect for the nautical lover's Christmas tree or for a year round decorative tree! Each piece is handcrafted using a fast cast resin, which gives the pieces their pure white color. After each piece has cured a hole is drilled and a ribbon is attached to complete the ornament. Other ideas for use include: using as a window decoration, table cloth rings or car rearview mirror ornaments!



Spider Conch: 3.48 (length)

Conch: 2.5 in (length)

Starfish: 1.5 in (length)

Conch: 1.7 in (diameter)

Scalloped Shell: 1.8 in (length)

Set of 5 Seashell/ Sea Creature Ornaments

SKU: O-001
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