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This loggerhead sea turtle can be found along the eastern seaboard. The mother sea turtles nests are treasured and protected due to the fact that this creature is becoming extinct. Only one out of one hundred hatchlings born during the boil on the Carolina shores survive. Many volunteers put in numerous hours to make sure the hatchlings make it to the shoreline after birth. Unfortunately, there are many predators in the ocean, making the sea turtles' survival to maturity rare. 


However, this sea turtle is made to last a lifetime. He is made from a fast cast resin and hand painted.He is then adhered to a shell found on the east coast with a clear resin mixed with sand from Oak Island, North Carolina. A hole is drilled into the shell and hemp twine is added to the shell. This guy makes a cute Christmas ornament. Other ideas for use include: using as a window decoration, table cloth rings or car rearview mirror ornaments!

Approximately 2-3 inches

Majestic Sea Turtle Ornament

SKU: O-004
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