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These beautiful sea creatures are hand made using a fast cast resin and  hand painted.  Each one is unique in design due to the curing process of the resin which allows the long drying resin to move and change designs as it hardens and cures.  Each piece is made with real sand from Oak Island, NC mixed with a clear resin. The resin is then poured and a second set of clear resin is mixed with shimmering blue or green mica powders and poured to start the creation of the ocean scene. A third mix of resin is infused with white mica powder to create the waves in the ocean.  As the beach portion of the design cures, the sea creature is added.  The final stage is drilling ahole in the resin after it has cured for 72 hours and adding hemp twine for the hanger. 


4 inches in diameter

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Suncatcher/Christmas Ornament

SKU: S-001
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