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This ocean scene is designed inside of a 4-5 inch scalloped shell. The design begins with mixing sand from Oak Island, NC with a clear epoxy resin. The mixture is set aside until it begins to cure so it will not self level as it cures. Small sea shells and starfish are added to the sand as it cures in the shell. After sitting for at least 24 hours, the ornament is ready for the second process. This process is when the ocean portion of the ornament is designed. Resin is mixed with a color or the ocean and a smaller amount is mixed either with white mica powder or white paint to create the waves. Ater the ocean portion is poured into the shell, the white is added and the resin is pushed, or moved, with a torch or heat gun to create the wave effect. 

Large Seashell Ocean Ornament

SKU: O-002
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